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About parodies

The distinction between parody and adaptation, imitation etc. often is arbitrary. There is no generally accepted definition that would be helpful to decide whether a title is a true parody or not.

The titles are mainly taken from Potter's Bibliography (1929), chapter IX, although it may appear after inspection that some are not a parody at all. Many of these titles are available online at Archive.org, where the reader may decide for him or herself.

For titles published after Potter, the selection is based on Biegstraaten and others.

Biegstraaten's list

Biegstraaten's article shows a table of parodies, based on Potter's bibliography and the author's own research.
The titles in this table have no number. To be able to refer to a title in Biegstraaten, I have assigned a virtual number to each title.

"Omar with a smile. Parodies in books on FitzGerald's Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám". Jos Biegstraaten.
Persica 20 (2004), p. 1-37

Anon. [1900] Iconoclasm

Anon. [1910] Fitz of O'Mark Hyam

Anon. [1912] The Rubaiyat of Omar Cigarettes

Anon. [1912] Omar for Housewives

Anon. [192?] Rubaiyat of a Rhode Island Red

Anon. [1949] Rubáiyát

Alberry, F.F.D. [1904] Omar von Berlin

Albery, Michael [1959] Rubaiyat of election time

Austin, R.L. [194-] Lines from Omar the Ford

Bacon, Josephine Daskam [1904] An Omar for Ladies

Baldry, W. Burton [1907] Wise and Otherwise

Bates, Harold Eliott [1922] The Doctor's Rubáiyát

Blair, Wilfrid [1910] O. Khayyam

Blunt, Bill [19--] The Rubaiyat of a Rebel

Boynton, H.W. [1901] The Golfer's Rubáiyát

Boynton, H.W. [1904] The Golfer's Rubaiyat

Brandon-Thomas, J.G. [1913] The rubaiyat of some-of-us

Brewster, Bertha [1916] The Rubaiyat of a Suffragist

Burgess, Gelett [1904] The Rubaiyat of Omar Cayenne

Burnet, W. Hodgson [1921] The Rubaiyat of Omar, M.P.

Burr, F. Bonham [1912] FitzGerald at football

Burton, H.B. [1915] Der Kaiser von Potsdam

C., De [1917] A Rubáiyát of the Trenches

Cavaness, A.A.B. [1906] Rubáiyát of Hope

Cholmeley, R.F. [1906] You-buy-at ... "Our price"

Coley, Louis B. [19--] Rubaiyat of the Bowery

Collins, Sewell [1926] The Rubáiyát of a Scotch Terrier

Cope, Wendy [2000] Strugnell's Rubaiyat

Corfield, Wilmot [1910] Wandering quatrains

Corfield, Wilmot [1910] Great possibilities

Coulson, Raymond [1911] The wheels of fate

Duff, J.L. [1922] The Rubaiyat of Ohow Dryyam

Dum-Dum [1905] Omar out of Date

Dunroy, Wm. Reid [1907] Rubaiyat of the roses

Dwiggins, Clare Victor [1906] Rubáiyát of the egg

E., H. [1912] Omar Khayyam, who has discovered a new interest in life

Ellis, Henry Daw [1912] Omar Khayyám in the Underground Railway

Field, Alan [1908] The Rubaiyat of an Africoaster

FitzGerald, Collin [1913] The rubáiyát of Omar Konigram

FitzGerald, Collin [1916] The rubáiyát of Omarred Wilhelm

FitzHound, Edward [2005] Rubáiyát of Rover Khayyám

Forrest, G.F. [1905] Omar Khayyam

Four, B.P. [1906] From the Rubaiyat of Mr. Hennessy

Fox, Duane Edwin [1934] The Depression Rubáiyát

Fuller, Roy [1973] The Love Song of J. Omar Khayyam

Gallienne, Richard le [1908] Omar repentant

Gobert, E.E. [1911] The rubaiyat of a young housewife

Godley, A.D. [1899] Rubaiyyat of moderations

Gouldsbury, Cullen [1914] The Rhodesian rubaiyat

Graves, Charles L. [1907] Thoughts on drink in time of drought

Green, Olive [1905] The Kitchen Rubaiyat

Gruffydd, W.J. [1906] Ar yr allt

H., J.E. [1909] In Retrospect

Hammerton, J.A. [1945] The Rubáiyát of a golfer

Hamund, John [1915] The Rubaiyat of William the War Lord

Hannam, Dirk [1998] The gay rubaiyat of Dirk Hannam

Herford, Oliver [1904] The Rubáiyát of a Persian Kitten

Holt, H.I. [1893] The Tennis Player's Rubaiyat

Irwin, Wallace [1902] The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám Jr.

Japikse, Carl [1999] The ruby cat of Waldo Japussy

Johnson, Burges [1938] The Rubaiyat of Omar Ki-Yi and other waggish rhymes

K., J. [1908] A Smokers Rubaiyat

Karma Cheek [1913] Omar in London

Kipling, Rudyard [1886] The Rypaiyat of Omar Kal'vin

Kupferberg, Tuli [1962] The Rub-Ya-Out of Omore Diem

Little, Mary B. [1908] The Rubaiyat of a Huffy Husband

Locock, C.D. [1908] The Rúby mállet of Omar Khayyam

Locock, C.D. [1908] The Editor's Appeal

Lucas, E.V. [1912] A Bookseller's Rubáiyát

Lucas, E.V. [1931] Verses

Masterson, Kate [1904] The Modern Rubaiyat

May, John [1947] Our Game : and Omar Khay-yam for bowlers

Nafe, Ned [1911] The Rubaiyat of a college student

Newbolt, Henry [1902] The Sufi in the City

Opener, T.I.N. [1919] The Rubáiyát of a Maconochie Ration

Orde, K.L. [1914] Omar Khayyám

Perry, Percival L.D. [1907] The O.K. verses

Porter, Gene Stratton [1907] Reuben O'Khayyam and the milk-pail

Powell, Charles [1920] The Old Woman who lived in a Shoe

Power, John F. [1943] The rubaiyat of a modern bachelor

Q. [1893] Measure for measure

Quiz [1918] The Rubaiyat of a Ranker

R., M. [1928] The Rubaiyat of a Test Match

Radford, George [1917] Verses and Versicles

Risk, Robert [1919] The Golfaiyat of Dufar Hy-Yam

Rowland, Helen [1915] The Rubaiyat of a Bachelor

Safroni-Middleton, A. [1914] The Rubáiyát of Omar Dog-yám

Saklatwalla, J.E. [1927] Omar Khayyam in Mufti

Searight, Frank T. [1905] The rubaiyat of the tourist

Shelle, Kirk La [1903] Poker Rubaiyat

Sibbett, Cecil James [1951] "The Rubáiyát of Bridge"

Sparrow, G. William [1914] Rubáiyát of a Minor Statesman

Switzer, Maurice [1917] The Ruby Yap of Homer K. Yam

Taber, H.P. [1905] The Rubaiyat of the Commuter

Thompson, Francis [1913] Wake! For the ruddy ball has taken flight

Tolly [1911] The Rubaiyat of Potter Heigham

Trevor, Basil [1919] The Memoirs of Micky

Uhublitz [1910] Omar Khayyam

Underhill, Evelyn [1902] Omar Khayyam in Lincoln's Inn

Nevison, Henry W. [1910] Verses from the Ladysmith Lyre

Verchênes, Geo de [1945] Les Ruba´yat d'Haälit-ler Baba surnomme le F'ouh-rer cynique

Walkes, W.R. [1910] From the Woman's Point of View

Wells, Carolyn [1904] The Modern Rubaiyat

Wells, Carolyn [1906] Rubáiyát of a motor car

Wells, Carolyn [1909] The Rubáiyát of Bridge

Wells, Carolyn [1913] Rubaiyat of Wall Street

Willis, A. Madison [1913] The social Rubáiyát of a Bud

Wisdom, Stanley [1929] Rubáiyát of Canada

Wright, Hugh E. [1916] The Rubaiyat of an Actor