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Ziar, Mohammad

Gilbert Lazard, translator of Omar Khayyam. Mohammad Ziar.
Faits de Langues 38 (2011), pp. 97-102.

Besides his Grammar of Contemporary Persian (1957) and French-Persian Dictionary (1990) Gilbert Lazard is also the translator of twelve books, including One Hundred and One Quatrains of Omar Khayyam (1994) where he tried to translate robaïat from the great Persian poet and philosopher, a translation more consistent with the taste of French readers and francophones. Obviously Gilbert Lazard has read but did not like many of the translations of Omar Khayyam's quatrains done before him, finding them too solemn, which according to him, would not accord very well with robâï lightness and flexibility. So that's why he decided that a new poetic translation would be better than those of Jean-Baptiste Nicolas: The quatrains of Omar Kheyyam, (1867), Charles Grolleau: The quatrains of Omar Kheyyam (1902), Claude Anet: Robais 144, (1920), Franz Toussaint (1924), Arthur Guy: The Robaï Kheyyam Omer (1935), P. Seghers: Omar Khayyam, his life and his quatrains, (1982), Mostafa Farzaneh and Jean Malapate: Cats of Omar Khayyam) (1993) ... We, therefore, propose that some of these translations as well as One Hundred and one Quatrains be compared with the original text to see the strength of each and examine the quality of Gilbert Lazard's translation.