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Nakhaei, Bentolhoda

Comment la traduction des figements linguistiques et culturels influence les réseaux sémantiques des Quatrains d’Omar Khayyâm. Bentolhoda Nakhaei.
L’imaginaire d’une vie, 2 (2015).

This study aims to investigate how fossilized linguistic forms may have been deformed in translation and how this may have had an impact on the underlying networks of signification in the first English and French translations of Omar Khayyâm’s Rubaiyat in XIX century. Antoine Berman’s theories will serve as reference to try to find out how the original linguistic and cultural balance may have been transformed through the process of translation of a major text in Persian literature towards French and English languages. How far the knowledge of the translators about the literary, cultural and linguistic context of the source text influences the quality of these translations? And how can a foreign reader have access to all the original nuances? These questions will help to evaluate the two initial translations of the Quatrains as an argumentative literary field of analysis. Because of fossilized structures and linguistic and cultural imagination, the transfer of meaning in the passage from one language-culture (Persian) to others (French and English) may certainly be questioned.