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Jaberizadeh, T.

Reflects of Epicurism of Khayyam Quatrains in the West. T. Jaberizadeh.
Life Science Journal, 9 (2012) 4, pp. 694-697.

Omar Khayyam (1047-1123) was born in the Seljuk period, one of the greatest eras of Iranian history in terms of the profusion of towering figures in different branches of learning. He was the man who, in collaboration with other astronomers, succeeded to devise the Jalalian calendar in the region of Malikshah (1073-1092), an enormous achievement indeed. Khayyam, in his Quatrains, challenged religious doctrines, alluded to the hypocrisy of the clergy, cast doubt on almost every facet of religious belief and appeared to have advocated a type of humanism.The draft sybaritic image of Khayyam after translation of Fitzgerald in the West that has led established pubs and wine called Omar Khayyam, often based on hedonistic approach of Rubaiyat For finding the effect of quatrain of Khayyam in the Europe, it needed to define some philosophical terms as Epicurism, Hedonism and materialism, then study the philosophical approaches of these quatrains in the west and analyzed them according of political and social situation of that era. This research, by referring to some methods of criticism, based on written historical events and the phenomenological model, tried to present the new theoretical point of view of relatively realistic message of Khayyam in the world.