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Boscaglia, Fabrizio

Pessoa, Borges and Khayyam. Fabrizio Boscaglia
Variaciones Borges, 2015, nr. 40, pp. 41–64

Abstract: The fascinating possibility of an encounter between Pessoa and Borges in Lisbon, in May 1924, at the end of Borges's second trip in Europe, has been the departing point for some comparative readings on these authors (Rodriguez Monegal 15-16; Ferrari and Pizarro 91; Balderston 168). The author wants to imagine that, if it had happened, they would have discussed, among other things, a work which both would later mention in their upcoming publications and that would become an important reference to both of them. It is the Rubaiyat of the Persian poet and philosopher Omar Khayyam (1048-1131), in the famous English translation by the English poet Edward FitzGerald (1809-1883), first published in 1859.

Keywords: comparison; influence; mysticism; sufism

Online available at: https://www.jstor.org/stable/24881234