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Albery, F.F.D.

First American edition of the Rubaiyat was published in Columbus. F.F.D. Albery.
Ohioana Quarterly (1964) (Spring), pp. 3-6

One of the most interesting literary incidents in the history of Columbus was the publication of the first American edition of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. It was, of course, an unauthorized reprint, but, as it was made in pure admiration pf the beauty of Edward FitzGerald’s translation and with no purpose to make money, but only to supply a limited market beyond the easy reach of the London publisher, nobody could have thought ill of the project. In fact, the Columbus edition was a high compliment to the English translator and to the group of Columbus readers as well. The latter knew a good thing when they saw it, and possessed not only a keen sense of the beautiful in literature but also a resourcefulness in making for themselves what they could not otherwise obtain. The story of this incident was some years ago written for The Book-Lover by F. F. D. Albery, one of the group of Columbus admirers of Omar and later a member of the select circle known as “the Omar Khayyam Club of America". The article appeared in No. 12, May-June 1902, of that magazine.