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Netherlands & Belgium

For a small country as The Netherlands, there is an impressive number of translations of the Rubáiyát in Dutch. A survey of Dutch translations was published in the March issue of 'Boekenwereld' (1997). This survey included a small number of editions by Belgian translators who translated into Dutch. Listed below are also some other Belgian translations into French.

The first one to pay attention to Omar Khayyám in The Netherlands, was Oege Meynsma. In an essay 'Omar Chajjam van Nischapoer en zijne plaats in de Perzische literatuur' (De Gids, 1891) he quoted extensively from the translations of FitzGerald and Bodenstedt.
Apart from two quatrains, translated into Dutch from Heron-Allen's version, included in a history of Dutch Literature by P.A.M. Boele van Hensbroek (1909), the first published edition of the 'Rubáiyát' was produced by Chr. van Balen. The book was published in 1910 by Scheltens & Giltay, as the first volume in a series called 'Vrienden uit den Vreemde'.