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H. Warren - 2012

Hans Warren (1921-2001), Dutch author and critic, started translating Omar's quatrains in 1955, from the French edition by Anet and Muhammad (Les 144 quatrains d'Omar Khayyám, Paris, 1920). His intention was to translate the 144 quatrains but he only managed to do the first 100. A selection of twelve quatrains was sent for publication to the literary magazine Maatstaf, but these were declined by the editor Bert Bakker.
Four quatrains were later published in Zeeuws tijdschrift, (vol. 14, 1964, p. 12). Four quatrains (of which the first three correspond with the quatrains in Zeeuw tijdschrift) were quoted in Warren's Geheim dagboek 1954-1955 (1985).
Kwatrijnen van Omar Khayyam contains the first twelve quatrains translated from Anet and Muhammad.


Kwatrijnen van Omar Khayyam. Hans Warren. Uitgegeven en toegelicht door Marco Goud. Woubrugge, Avalon Pers, [2012].
Printed in a limited edition of 25 copies.