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F. Toussaint

Franz Toussaint (1879-1955) published a translation in 1924, containing 170 quatrains in prose. The edition was reissued dozens of times. Toussaint also translated oriental poetry such as 'Les jardins des roses' (Sadi), 'Flûte de Jade' (Shang-ling Tsao) and 'Sakuntalla'. Toussaint's Robaiyat were translated as well many times, specially into Spanish.

The text is online available at: http://wikilivres.info/wiki/Robaiyat

  • Robaiyat de Omar Khayyam. Traduits du Persan. Franz Toussaint. Paris, L'Édition d'Art H. Piazza, 1924
  • Omar Khayyâm. Les Robaïyat. Traduits du Persan par Franz Toussaint. Illustrations de Génia Minache. Paris, Lubineau, 1957
  • Robaiyat. Traduction du Persan de Franz Toussaint. Miniatures en lithographies de J.-F. Mincet. Bièvres, Tartas, 1974
  • La corde de la Sagesse. Traduction Française: Franz Toussaint. Traduction Arabe: Ahmed SÂfi an-Najafi. Introduction Abou Hafs Abdeljalil. Paris, Editions Bachari, 2008
Illustration G. Minache Illustration J.-F. Mincet "La Corde de la Sagesse"