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Omariana was the digital news bulletin of the Dutch Omar Khayyám Society. From December 2013 it is continued as a weblog. See: http://omariana.nl

Subscriptions to Omariana are no longer possible, but you can register as follower on the blog.

The most recent issues will remain available as pdf-documents.

In the last issues

Omariana Eccentrica - part 1
Bob Forrest

Omar Khayyam: food for atheists
Johan ter Haar

The Omarian meditations of C.F. Volney
Bob Forrest

The ’Cyclostyle edtion’ of William Henry Holyoak
John Drew

Celebrating the Rubaiyat
Bill Martin & Sandra Mason look back on a remarkable year

A Cautionary Tale
Garry Garrard's research into a pre- or post-war edition