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Statue of Omar Khayyám

This is a website on OMAR KHAYYÁM, the famous Persian poet-astronomer from the eleventh century, about his life and works, the Rubáiyát and the countless translations and editions thereof.

From the start of this website the aim was to gather and present information on all kind of aspects regarding Khayyám and the Rubáiyát: new editions and translations, secondary literature, other websites and blogs, news about events etcetera etcetera.
As more and more information has become available through the web, I decided that is was necessary to focus onto one major aspect that seems to serve a purpose and that is to restrict to bibliographic information.

From now on this site wil present information about translations and publications of the rubáiyát, the secondary literature, and along with that indices on translators, artists and composers (still in preparation)
A basic search engine has been implemented to search for literature (books, articles, theses, online documents, websites) by using names, keywords and title words.

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